Cotcas Legacy - Silver Chrome/Black dial

Cotcas Legacy - Silver Chrome/Black dial


Cotcas Story

Words from the founder

Cotcas was founded in Stockholm Sweden in 2015 by me, Fredrik Ingel, as a part of Rein Ingel AB.

In late 2014, after a couple of years of unhealthy living and the feeling of being lost, I ran right into a "wall". I had pushed myself too hard and a doctor diagnosed me as being burnt out. I was 28 years old and had literally hit rock bottom. After about 6 months of really hard work with both body and mind I was well enough to start over again. It wasn’t easy in the beginning as I struggled with anxiety and tiredness every day, but it got better and better.

At this point I had thought a lot about the reasons I got in this situation to start with and had come to the conclusion that I needed to put myself first every day. Sitting on a small fishing boat in the Swedish archipelago in the summer of 2015 I asked myself, “What do you want to do?”. Right there and then the idea for Cotcas popped into my head. I wanted to express myself, break free in some way and I didn’t even think of all the hard work you need to do in order to bring a product to life.

I started designing the wristwatch with the goal that I should love to wear it myself. I looked at my own style preferences, as well as what I'm drawn to esthetically and pretty soon it was clear to me, Cotcas should stand for a raw urban attitude with a twist of elegance. After revising and developing the first sketch, as well as negotiating with supplier, I finally felt satisfied with the design and sent it to the manufacturer for production. After evaluating and changing some small details the production of Cotcas debut piece - Legacy - started.

In short terms my purpose with Cotcas is to introduce a Swedish designed wristwatch combining urban elegance and raw attitude with quality materials. In the long run the vision is to become a recognized actor on the wristwatch scene, known for delivering timepieces with great design features and quality materials for a reasonable price.

In some way Cotcas was the break that brought me back to happiness and our debut piece, Cotcas Legacy, is a tribute to life itself and the urge to express yourself.

Cotcas Legacy was made available for delivery in November 2016. I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Fredrik Ingel - Founder of Cotcas

Fredrik Ingel - Founder Cotcas