Terms & Conditions


All payments are handled by either Stripe or Paypal. All products remain Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB's property until full payment is made.

Every product is shown including tax. In the online store you can see the total price including taxes, shipping and payment method. VAT is included for orders within the European Union. VAT and/or fees for import and/or customs are not included for orders outside the European Union.

NOTE. We reserve the right to cancel any order if we suspect fraudulent behaviour.


We ship worldwide with services provided by Swedish Postal Service, DHL or UPS.

All purchased items are shipped within 7 working days from the purchasing date. 

Shipping is free to:

  • Sweden
  • Denmark 
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • USA
  • United Kingdom 
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands 
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg 
  • France
  • Italy

Shipping fees to the rest of the European Union and countries other than stated here will be paid by the customer. The delivery cost for these countries is either €10, €15 or €30 depending on what country we ship to. In our online store and at checkout you can see our delivery options. 

Delivery time

  • Sweden:.............................................. 1-3 business days
  • European Union:................................. 2-5 business days
  • USA..................................................... 3-5 business days
  • Asia..................................................... 3-5 business days
  • Austrailia............................................. 3-5 business days
  • Rest of the world................................. 3-5 business days


The delivery time is stated above or in our online store. We ship all placed orders within 7 working days from the purchase date. Deviations from what is expressed regarding the delivery time will be stated in connection to the specific product. Cotcas has no obligation to make delivery, and shall be entitled to stop products under carriage, unless you as a customer makes advance payment for the delivery and other claims arising from the business relation or grants security which can be accepted by us.

NOTE. We reserve the right to cancel any order if we suspect fraudulent behaviour.


Unclaimed packages will be returned to Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB. For all unclaimed packages the customer will be charged all fees in connection with the return delivery.


Returning a product is made on the customers expense unless the product is incorrect or damaged upon delivery. Returned products has to be in the same state of condition as when delivered to the customer and packed in the original Cotcas product box when returning to us in order for delivery compensation to be made by Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB. In all other cases the customer pays for all costs for the return delivery. Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB will pay for the delivery of replacement products if the criterias above are fulfilled. Contact us by using the contact form on our website, please state the errand clearly.


The customer has the right to return the purchased product/products 14 days from the day the product/products has been received. Note, the returned product has to be in the same condition and completely unused, when returning to Cotcas as when received by you as a customer.

We will refund what you have paid for the product and as soon as possible, but latest within 14 days from the product being returned or you informing us of wanting to return a service, if the matter falls under the jurisdiction of our return policy. You are oblige to pay for the return delivery of the product. We will pay for the delivery of the replacement product.

In your message to us you must clearly state that you regret your purchase. The return period is counted from the day you received the full, or significant part of the purchased product.


You are obliged to keep the product in the same condition as when delivered.
The product has to be completelly unused, however you have the right to investigate the condition the product was in when delivered. If damage or harm is caused to a product while investigated the product does not qualify for the return policy.


Warranty for our products is 12 months from the purchase date. The warranty only covers damage related to production such as manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover:

  • the life of the battery or normal wear and tear of the case and strap

  • any damage on any part of the watch resulting from abnormal use,, negligence, accidents, incorrect use or lack of care of the watch.

  • Water damages to the case and strap.

In case the damages is covered by the warranty it’s up to Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB to decide if the product should be repaired or replaced. For the warranty to apply, it is important that you contact us before returning the product.


All attempts at fraud will be reported to the police and Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB reserves the right to cancel the purchase if any suspicion is raised.


When ordering from us we collect basic information about you as a customer. This info is handled and stored securely by us and will not be handed out to people outside our organization. The reasons we collect this info are to be able to carry out your delivery in a correct way, get in contact with you if a problem occur or to send you important info, for example about upcoming campaigns or product launches.

In accordance to the Swedish law of Personuppgiftslagen (198:204) you have the right to know the information Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB have registered about your person. If the information is erroneous, incomplete or irrelevant, you may ask to have your information corrected and/or removed. If this is the case please contact us by e-mail.


Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB are not liable for any non-performance caused by circumstances beyond our control, which directly or indirectly prevents, obstructs or renders production, delivery or freight uneconomical until such obstacle has been removed (force majeure). Such circumstances shall be deemed to include difficulties to procure raw materials as well as other difficulties and disturbances, including but not limited to war, riot, labour conflicts, fire, flood, storm, accident, fuel or power shortages, transportation shortages, obstacles or interruptions regarding transportation at sea and breakdowns or interruptions of any kind as regards to our equipment or facilities, which are deemed necessary for the performance of our agreements' obligations.


These terms and your use of the Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB's website are governed by Swedish law. To the extent permitted by law, Swedish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction of any dispute arising from these terms of use and your use of the website, subject to Cotcas by Rein Ingel AB's right to prosecute a user at his/hers place of residence.